Ceramic Surfaces

Due to the stable and finely structured particles as well as the specific desagglomeration procedure in the production of Arginotec® very dense and finely textured surfaces are created.

Highly efficient and stress-free applications can be realized even if the coating is applied very thinly.

The high compatibility with many common frits allows a very accurate adjustment of the gloss level.

As colouring metal oxide, the iron ions of Arginotec® are stably integrated in the crystal structure (no separate mineral phase). They allow a broad range of natural colours such as

  • red
  • copper
  • brown
  • anthracite
  • black
  • metal effects

with high stability.

The high functionality of Arginotec® allows complex formulas (simple design, reliable in operation). The operational safety is additionally achieved by an excellent product quality (uniformity).

Excellent rheological properties (almost no sedimentation, no swelling) and a high ability to suspend allow a simple application with all common technologies.


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